10 of the most important (unwritten) rules of golf

We continue to learn the countless intricacies in the rulebook of golf throughout our years on the course. Even after decades of experience, you can still learn something new at the clubhouse over a beer.

But golf doesn’t just have official rules. There are also a number of unwritten rules which are central to the game as we know it. We’ve listed six of the most important unwritten rules below.

#1 – Be silent

Distractions are more likely in four-balls, when two players chat while another plays their shot. Keep an eye on your surroundings, and be prepared to shut-up when required.

#2 – Let faster players play through

If your speed of play is obviously significantly affecting the speed of the game behind you, let them play through. There might be a two-ball playing behind your foursomes match. The courteous thing to do is to let them quickly move past you.

#3 – Don’t walk in a player’s putting line

Stepping across a putting line may have very little impact on the path of the ball, but you should avoid others’ lines nonetheless.

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