18 Tips for Keeping It Together on the Course

You’ll most likely will be fully aware of quite how frustrating the game of golf can be. Of course, the highs come with the lows. One minute you’ll be having the time of your life; the next, you’ll have just hit your second ball out of bounds and be thinking about how quickly you can break your driver in two.

There are many small tips which you can take into account to help you to keep your cool on the golf course. Avoid these unnecessary distractions, keep your head in the game and you should be able to keep your score on track!

  1. A clean connection is much more important than playing a hard shot.
  2. Keep your head completely still while playing putts.
  3. Have respect for your opponent, regardless of age, equipment or skill level.
  4. When aiming at a target in the distance, pick a spot on the ground in the same line and aim for that instead.
  5. Wrap up warm in winter, ensuring clothes are not hampering your flexibility. You won’t play well if you’re cold!
  6. Make sure your putts reach the hole. Without making it up to the hole, you’re not even giving your ball a chance of dropping.
  7. Serious golfers should get clubs custom-fitted. You’ll have the clubs for many years and they can make a significant difference to your game.
  8. If in doubt, leave the driver in the car. Your game won’t take much of a hit without it, and you could end up saving some valuable strokes.
  9. Make sure you’re fully equipped; carry food, water, waterproofs, medicine and anything else you may require.

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