20 Minutes to Practice – What Should You Do?

We don’t all have an hour free to practice and loosen our muscles ahead of a round of golf. For most of us, things start with a scurried rush to get our shoes on and swing a few clubs ahead of an imminent tee time.

If you’ve got 20 minutes to get ready for a round, how do you fill the time? If you’re like most people, you’ll grab a small bucket, hit a few 7-irons before progressing to the driver. This technique, while fun, has limited benefit for your game.

Try out this practice session, instead, and you’ll notice the difference.

Jason Guss, an instructor working from his golf academy in Bath Township, MI, advocates starting at the putting green.

“Put four balls on the green about 5 feet away,” says Guss. “When you make three out of four, you’re done. Then, pick two chips just off the green. You have to get them both up and down, in a row before you can move on.”

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