20 Minutes to Practice – What Should You Do?

You’ve now completed the short game section of your rapid practice session. Move onto the range.

Guss says you should hit the following shots, in this order: driver then pitching wedge, driver then 7 iron, driver then 5 iron, driver then hybrid, driver then 3 wood.

You are only allowed to progress to the next shot when you’ve hit your shot solidly. If you fail to do that, you must start the sequence over again. Also, make sure you do your full routine for each shot.

So, what’s the benefit gained by doing this?

“By varying the club every time you hit, you’re simulating a round of golf,” says Guss. “By having to start over after making a mistake, you’re adding pressure. The short game piece has the same added effect of pressure, which most people don’t include in their practice.”

The more you practice with added pressure on the range, the easier it will be when it comes to winning a match against your buddies.



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