4 Golf Distractions and How to Deal with Them

As the final round of the Masters demonstrated, even the pros can be majorly affected by distractions and lose control of the game. It’s something that plagues all of us. The only difference between us and the pros is their ability to get things back on track.

So why is this? How can we learn to better deal with our distractions?

Someone in your group playing slowly

Slow play is something we’re all familiar with. It can get really frustrating when you have to wait for one of your group every single shot, especially when you’ve got another group close up behind you.

Sports psychologist Dr. Gio Valiante says you must focus on your own game.

“You control what’s controllable: your own rhythm,” Valiante said. “Be attentive to how you walk from hole to hole, and most important, pay attention to the rhythm of your routine. If you can protect the rhythm of your own routine, there will be minimal damage to your scorecard from their slow play.”

Gusty, unpredictable wind

Fast-changing wind affects all golfers. In such situations, hitting it high into the air is a bad choice, as the higher it gets, the more its flight will be affected by the wind. You can maintain more control over the ball by keeping it low.

But how to keep it low? Paul Azinger recommends playing a knockdown shot. To do this, play the ball back in your stand and think “finish low to hit it low.” This basically means that your follow-through should be a little shorter than usual. Controlling your follow-through in the way, as well as playing it back in your stance, should promote a low trajectory.

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