5 Reasons Why Oakmont is the Hardest Challenge in Golf

Jordan Spieth recently described it as “the hardest test in all of golf,” and Tiger once said a 10-handicapper wouldn’t break 100. Oakmont Country Club is known to be one of the hardest tests in the game. But what is it that makes it so difficult?

Intimidating First

First-tee jitters are common on the opening hole at Oakmont, a 482-yard par-4 with a narrow fairway providing no forgiveness. It’s stroke index 1 and introduces the roughest three-hole starting stretch in championship golf.

Sloping Greens

Sam Snead once said, very possibly being sarcastic, that he once attempted to mark his ball and his coin slid off the putting surface. The seven-time major winner could have been referring to any green on the course. Be it left-to-right or front-to-back, all the holes at Oakmont have devastating slants.

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