6 Most Commonly Misunderstood Rules of Golf

1.  MYTH:  It counts as a stroke if a ball is touched and falls from the tee after being addressed.

FACT:  This does not normally count as a stroke and the ball can simply be teed up again without penalty. However, if the ball was already in play (if you skimmed it on your first attempt, for example), this would count as a stroke.

2.  MYTH: A golfer whose ball is off the green should always play before someone on the green.

FACT: Regardless of the lie of the balls, the player whose ball is farthest from the hole should always go first. Say, for instance, one player has a 10-foot chip and another has a 50-foot putt, the putt would be played first.

3.  MYTHWhen your ball finds a water hazard, you can play a provisional before looking for the original.

FACT: If you’re practically certain that your ball is in the water, you can’t hit a provisional. The next shot you play is considered the ball in play (with an added penalty stroke). When hitting your ball into a hazard, proceed according to Rule 26. If you think there is a possibility that your ball could be outside the hazard, you can hit a provisional. If it turns out that the ball is actually in the hazard, you have to abandon the provisional.

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