6 Most Commonly Misunderstood Rules of Golf

4.  MYTH: If your ball is in an unplayable lie, you’re allowed to drop in a spot which makes it ‘playable’.

FACT: You have three options, each with a penalty of one stroke, after declaring a ball unplayable.

1. Replay the previous shot
2. Drop another ball behind the spot where the ball lies, keeping it directly in line with the hole, with no limit as to how far behind that point the ball is dropped
3. Drop inside of two club-lengths from the spot where the ball is positioned, making sure to be no closer to the hole.

5.  MYTH:  You can take an out-of-bounds stake out of the ground, or take relief from any marker of the course’s boundary.

FACT: You are not allowed to take relief from any marker of the course’s boundary. Play it as it lies or take it as an unplayable lie, proceeding under those options.

You can’t have a ball marked off the green unless it interferes with your ball, stance or swing.

6.  MYTH: You cannot ask for another player’s ball to be moved unless it affects your ball, swing or stance.

 FACT:  If you think that another ball may interfere with your ability to play a hole, you can ask that it is marked and lifted. However, the marked ball cannot be cleaned unless it is on a putting green.
This article was written by Christian Abbas, exclusively for ilovegolfdaily.com



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