6 Techniques for Hitting Solid Irons

Connecting solidly and consistently with your irons is essential is you want to bring your handicap down. In this article, we’ve outlined six useful techniques to take into account next time your at the course or the range. Get these techniques down before the season kicks off.

Take it back low

In order to hit your irons solidly, it’s is essential to pull the club back on the right plain. Longer irons will require more of a sweeping motion than shorter ones. You can achieve this by focussing on bringing the club back low and slow at first, promoting a smooth, shallowing swing that’s on the perfect plane.

Maintain a stable posture

Keeping a steady posture over the ball throughout the swing is particularly important for iron shots. According to Annika Sorenstam, “One swing thought I use for all my shots, including my irons, is to keep my right arm fairly straight on the takeaway. This helps me make a shoulder turn and not just lift my arms. From the top, I start down by pushing off my right foot. With my weight left, I turn my hips through, making room for my arms to swing into impact.”

Use your whole body

In order to get the best connection and distance with your drives, make sure you get the full strength of your body behind the ball. Address the ball with a slight should tilt so that your spine is leaning away from the target, with your left shoulder a little higher than your right. Flaring out your left foot slightly also helps you get the required rotation.

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