Annika Sorenstam tells how to get out of steep bunkers [video]

When playing out of a bunker, it is necessary to adjust your technique accordingly. Playing the same shot as you would on the fairway or rough will not necessarily get you safely out of the hazard. And some bunkers shots require different swings to others.

For example, playing from a flat, fairway bunker, 150 yards from the green, will require a more ‘normal’ swing than one from a steep, greenside bunker. The steeper the bunker is, the higher you will have to hit it to get safely out, and the more difficult the shot becomes.

Some bunkers seem near-impossible to get out of. Take a look at the one below.


Sometimes, when you think the chances of making it out are that slim, it can make more sense to play sideways out onto the fairway, giving you a guaranteed next shot to the green.

In the video on the following page, Annika Sorenstam provides some useful tips on how you can alter your technique to get your ball up and out of those dangerous sand traps.

Watch the video on the following page.

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