Avoid Choosing The Wrong Club On In-Between Yardage Shots

It’s a question that comes up a lot among amateur golfers. You’re about to approach the green, and the distance markers tell you you’ve got 135 yards to go. You could play an 8-iron that you consistently hit 130 yards, or a 7-iron that goes 140 yards. Which do you hit?

When you grab the 7, and try to ease off on the power, you can end up catching it thin and sending it scooting off the back of the green. Attempt to power the 8-iron onto the green and things can also go wrong. So what should you do?

Shots that fall between your clear-cut yardages are an obstacle that must be dealt with, but they do not have to ruin your round. The most important thing is that you go into these shots with confidence; it’s the indecision that affects your swing. Pick your shot and play it like any other.

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