Watch a ball fired at 150mph into a sheet of steel in slow-motion [video]

Golf balls fire away from us so fast after high impact that we don’t have a great deal of time to see exactly what happens. We know that the power of the club transfers to the ball, but do you know what actually happens upon impact? The video on the following page seems to clear this for us. A super high-definition camera captures a golf ball being shot into a sheet of solid steel. The powerful camera records the golf ball at 70,000 frames per second, allowing you to see every little bit of detail.

As you’ll see on the video on the following page, the ball starts to squash together upon impact before warping on the other axis. The ball seems to move more like a squash ball would do in those circumstances. When you read the comments on the video, it becomes apparent that there are differing opinions about the authenticity of the video.

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