Beginners Tip: How to Drive a Golf Ball

This really useful video from Mark Barlow demonstrates the basics of hitting drives. He starts off by stressing that you should hit your drives in a very similar way to how you would hit most other shots, but with an altered starting position.

He gives five useful tips on how you should approach the ball. Continue to the next page for a video of the tips in practice.

#1 Tee the ball up

When hitting a drive, your club should be sweeping over the ground, as opposed to chopping into it. Any contact with the ground will reduce the impact on the ball, so try your best to minimize any friction with the ground. Rest the club head next to the ball, and tee it up so that half of the ball is above the club.

#2 Position ball to front of stance

Position the ball so that it is in line with your left (leading) heel. You can do this by putting your feet together in line with the ball, then simply taking a step back with your rear foot.

#3 Tilt your body away from the target

Once you have positioned yourself at the ball, tilt your body away from the target slightly. You can do this by slightly shifting your hips forward.

Continue to the next page to watch these driving tips in action.

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