Change Your Swing Path [video]

A thing that many golfers struggle with is finding the best swing path. Your swing path refers to the line your club takes as it moves round your body. The swing path will directly impact how the club is moving as it comes through the ball, which will have impact the direction your shot goes.

Without having a good swing path, you can easily end up applying unwanted spin onto the ball, which can easily send it way off course. Your swing path is not the only factor which contributes to these shots, but it certainly plays a large part. Put simply, an out-to-in swing path will result in a fade, and an in-to-out swing path will result in a draw. Keep the club along a single, centered swing plain and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping the ball straight.

Struggling to keep your ball straight? Try this drill.

If you feel like your swing path could be improved, then try out this simple drill. You can give it a shot next time you’re at your local practise area, and all you need is some balls and tees.

Place your ball on the ground and stick four tees in the ground in a square around it. Then, prop up the ball in the middle with another tee, as shown in the image below.


Swinging your club through this mini corridor of tees will allow you to identify any problems with your swing path. If you hit the tee closest to your back foot, you’re swinging with an in-to-out path, resulting in a draw. If you find yourself hitting the tee at the bottom left of the square, you’re swinging out-to-in.

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