Epic Golf Tricks from the Byran Bros – Part 1 [VIDEO]

Thanks to the prominence of GoPro cameras, we are now able to ‘experience’ sports as spectators in a way which was not previously possible. Now skydivers, proximity flyers and mountain bikers can all strap high definition cameras to their heads and really share the thrill with spectators.

Head-mounted cameras have not just been a game-changer for the extreme sports. Take golf for instance; we are seeing more and more videos popping up on the internet, showing us all sorts of cool stunts. Recently, we covered one of Dude Perfect’s videos, showing a bunch of guys pulling off some really impressive stunts with golf clubs, balls and basketball hoops.

This time, it’s the Bryan Bros, and their tricks are equally awesome! You can tell that these guys have some serious skills, and that they have practiced their tricks a LOT of times.

Take a look at all the awesome tricks on the following page, and see if you can pull off any of them yourself!

Watch the epic video on the following page.

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