Former Stutterer Tiger Woods Writes Letter to Bullied Boy

This is a heartwarming story about a young boy named Dillon, who struggles with a stutter and has to deal with the hurtful taunts from his peers.

The cruelty of the other children has affected Dillon so much that it forced him to attempt suicide, his mentor Sophie said. Earlier this month, a story was published about young Dillon (without using his name) and the troubles he was facing. The article also happened to mention that the boy was a huge Tiger Woods fan.

Straight after this, the author of the article was contacted by Tiger’s people, asking for Dillon’s address. Without delay, Tiger had sent Dillon a letter and told him he also stuttered when he was younger.

This is a very important issue which must be addressed. People, whether adults or children, must not be bullied for being different. Yet it is something that happens every day.

Here’s the letter Tiger Woods sent to Dillon:


The fact that Tiger replied so quickly shows that he understands not only how it feels to be taunted for being different (for both his stutter and his race), but being a father of two, he also understands the importance of protecting our children.

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