Golf Tip: The Iron Tee Shot [video]

Playing iron shots from a tee is something we all do during a round of golf, but something that doesn’t get a great deal of attention, if any, at the practice range. Maybe this is because these shots only account for a small proportion of any given round’s total shots. However, with around three to five par 3s on most courses, it’s worth spending at least a little time working on.

When playing these shots, make sure you think in terms of coming down on the back of the ball, as opposed to scooping underneath it. This is how clubs are designed to be played, and attacking the back of the ball will allow you to swing with more momentum and power.

Tee the ball up around a quarter inch from the ground, and position it to near the middle of your stance, and slightly further forward for longer irons. Select the appropriate club and play a full swing.

If you play the shot correctly, you will likely make a small divot in the ground.

Watch the video demonstration on the following page.

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