How to ace every hole at Mini Golf King! The edited version [video]

CaptureMini golf courses are loads of fun when you’re a kid, or when you’re messing about with a group of buddies. It’s a good way for non-golfers to get involved and try out some putting.

This mini golf pro, Allan, has set himself on a mission to complete all 18 holes at Mini Golf King with the perfect score: 31-under par. As you’ll see from the scorecard, the holes are par two, three or four, depending on their difficulty. Allan’s challenge was to ace every single hole.

There’s no telling quite how long it took Allan to achieve this. The video is obviously well-edited to show all 18 aces in sequence. But as for how long it may have taken to film it all, your guess is as good as mine. He seems to have his shots covered by camera from all angles.

The mini golf course goes through three settings. Things start off in the jungle up until No. 7, with holes surrounded by trees and plants. The course then changes to an Egyptian theme, which requires putting the ball between the arms of a Sphynx, up steep ramps and into wall caves. The final six holes take place in a dragon’s lair

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