How to Aim Straight at the Target [video]

Many golfers have a problem with their aiming when they are new to the game. For beginners, there are countless reasons why this can happen, making it a pretty difficult issue to directly address. You might have issue with your alignment, the spin applied to the ball, or you might just be aiming wrong altogether.

A useful tip which will help both novices and experienced golfers alike is to set yourself a closer target, not far in front of the ball. Instead of looking 200 yards down the fairway and trying to stick to that line, identify something to aim at which is within a few feet of the ball. This could be divot, a leaf, or even just a slight discoloration in the grass.

Pick your close target, and use this as a guide as you line up your swing. By solely concentrating on the ground beneath you, you will be more focused and encouraged to keep your head down over the ball as long as possible.

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