How to fix lateral sway in your golf swing [video]

Lateral sway is a problem which affects many golfers. It is usually borne out of an overcooked attempt to shift weight effectively to the back foot, and onto the front foot. Properly shifting your weight is essential for building momentum in your shot, but losing your controlled position over the ball can be costly.

There are two ways you can sway laterally during a golf swing: Upper body and lower body. When swaying your upper body, your shoulders and arms will shift backways during your backswing. What we’re going to focus on, however, is the lower body, and how we can fix a tendency to shift our knees and upper legs backwards while swinging the club.

Shifting your body position away from your start point makes it harder to connect cleanly with the ball. Even if you move just an inch out of position, you’ll to move back as you swing down, and that’s a complication that you could do without.

You can get out of this bad habit by practising keeping your right foot steady throughout the swing. Practise swinging back, making sure that your right foot and knee remain solidly in position throughout the swing.

If you’re used to swaying a little, this is bound to feel different to what you’re used to. A useful way of easing yourself in is to start with half swings, and gradually progress towards a full swing.

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