How to Hit Your Ball Out of Thick Rough [video]

It’s difficult for any golfer to play out of the heavy rough. Ending up in this type of hazard happens to us all; all it needs is a hook or a slice and it’s easy to end up in trouble. These situations are undoubtedly going to cost us some strokes, but with a little technical know-how, you can minimize how many you lose.

We have provided some pointers below on how best to deal with these shots.

Pick the right club

It can be hard to decide what club is best to play from these heavy rough shots. You’ll want something with enough loft to get the ball up and out of there, while still getting enough distance to clear the hazard. The problem with these shots is that they’re unpredictable – you can’t always see the ball and must often take an educated guess.

Also, remember that the long blades of grass will grip your club, slowing down momentum, and you may have to club up accordingly.

Pick a good target

Many golfers focus too much on actually getting the ball out of there that they fail to properly line up their shot. When you’re unsure about the distance that the ball will travel, it’s best to play safe. Don’t play a shot with the hope of being able to clear 30 yards of heavy rough. Instead, pick a safe spot on the fairway, and chop it out.

Watch the video demonstration by a golf instructor on the following page.

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