How to Hit Your Drives Longer [Video]

There are good few golf pros who are infamous for smashing the ball further than most others off the tee. Think along the lines of Bubba Watson, John Daly and Jamie Sadlowski, and you’ll get an idea of the type of golfer I’m talking about. But what is it that these guys are doing to hit the ball so far?

We have analysed these guys swings, and found a few consistencies which you can replicate to add those crucial extra yards to your drives.

Tee up the ball

A driver’s head is generally larger than any other club, and you must tee your ball up high enough to accommodate for this. Additionally, drives are hit by sweeping the ball from the ground, as opposed to chopping into it, like you would with an iron. Instead of coming downwards towards the ball, think of it in terms of sweeping the ball as your club is on its way back up, giving it that essential top-spin that makes it really fly.

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