How to Make the Correct Hip Turn [VIDEO]

You will have heard before how important performing the correct hip rotation is for a golf swing. Your hips, like your shoulders and chest, are core to the movement of your body, and consequentially have a more significant bearing on your shot.

Hip rotation is something that many amateur golfers struggle with, and you’ll often see them swaying their hips and shifting their weight outside of their leg position.  Many players shift their hips backwards during the backswing in an attempt to effectively shift their weight onto the back foot. However, this positional shift is not necessary when moving your weight backwards, and will often lead to a slice.

When your weight shifts onto the back foot during the backswing, your hips should actually move toward the target. Check out the video on the following page for an example of this movement in action.

An effective way of preventing yourself from shifting backwards during the backswing is to focus on keeping your right foot firmly planted on the ground. If you are swaying, you’ll see that right thigh moving backwards as you swing back. Concentrate on keeping that foot completely still and it should encourage you to remain more centered over the ball.

Watch the video on the following page.

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