How to Master Flop Shots [video]

When playing from a tight lie, you need your club to get right under the ball. Keeping most of your weight on your front foot will encourage you to drive the club into the ground, ensuring you get right underneath.

Playing a shot with such a flat face create a lot of room for error, making it all the more important that you connect properly. When swinging down, make sure your arms and hands are accelerating towards the ball simultaneously, forcing a balanced connection.

Things become a little easier when the ball is sitting up. Fluffier lies make it much easier to get under the ball, so you must shift your weight accordingly. Move your balance closer to the centre, creating a shallower shape to the bottom of your ark.

Try out this simple piece of advice next time you’re practicing lob shots. Just remember: shift your weight further forward when it’s a tighter lie.

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