How to Play Out Of Fairway Bunkers [VIDEO]

Bad bunker shots happens for two primary reasons: a faulty setup and fear.

The problem for many players is that they attempt to lift the ball out, like you would when playing around the green. They play the ball forward in their stance, opening up the clubface to get more loft. They swing with more speed in an attempt to send the ball further down the hole, resulting in a lot of upper-body movement.

You’ve witnessed the result yourself: heavy shots, bladed shots and tops. We’ve laid out a better approach to take.

Position your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and play the ball one or two inches back in your stance. This setup will encourage a downwards, ball-first contact. You can take some sand, but only after the ball.

Use one extra club and grip half an inch down the club to promote a controlled, less-than-full swing. Keep your lower body steady and focus on making that clean downwards connection with the ball.

Getting it right will take some practice, but it’ll save you precious strokes on the course.

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