How to Use Your Putter off the Green [Video]

When it comes to approaching the pin from just off the green, some players have different techniques for getting up there. Many players will take out a mid-to-high iron and play a putt-style chip to bump-and-run the ball up to the pin.

Other players, after analysing the lie between themselves and the start of the green, will choose to putt instead. These shots are only really an option when there is smooth ground leading up to the green, otherwise they can be very difficult to read.

Martin Kaymer is a perfect example of how effective these putts can be, and they played a large part in his victory at the U.S Open at Pinehurst last summer.

A general rule to go by when playing these shots is to approach the shot as if the pin is 10% – 15% further away than it actually is. In the infographic below, you’ll find some other useful tips to help you play these shots well.

long putt info

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