Jordan Spieth Smashes Records as He Wins First Major at Augusta

He may not be considered amongst the game’s real elite players right now, but Jordan Spieth definitely sent out a strong message during his incredible record-breaking performance this weekend.

The 21-year-old won his first major championship at Augusta on Sunday, making him the youngest player except Tiger Woods in 1997 to do so. Not only that, he was the fifth player in history to lead the prestigious competition from start to finish.

Spieth was looking in solid shape throughout the competition. By the end of the penultimate round, the Texan was four shots clear of the pack, a margin which was extended to five strokes after the front nine of the final 18. His 28th birdie, scored on the 15th hole, set another world record for the most birdies throughout the course of the Masters.  Phil Mickelson held the previous record with 16.

The birdie on 15 also made Spieth the only player in history to reach 19-under in a Masters competition. Unfortunately, his bogey on the last brought his lead down to 18-under, a record which he now shares with Tiger Woods.

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