Long Drive Trick Shots – Dude Perfect [video]

We’ve seen a lot of cool golf trick shot videos, including basketballs, hoops and various other props. This new video from Dude Perfect and Callaway takes things to another level.

This group of pretty skilled golfers set themselves a range of difficult challenges, and managed to complete them all! We don’t know how long it took them to actually complete each of the tricks, but we have to give them a lot of credit nonetheless.

The lads start off with the 100-yard 3-pointer. They position a basketball hoop, with a bullseye target right above it. Right enough, the guy takes a low iron, and fades a punch shot directly into the center of the target, causing the basketball to drop straight into the net!

Next, the position various objects in front of the ball, and smash a driver right though them. And, of course, there is a high-definition camera filming it all, watching the items disintegrate in super slow motion!  They start off with a pineapple, sending smithereens of fruit all over the tee box. They continue with a Captain America figurine and a carton of milk, and the results are amazing!

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