Louis Oosthuizen’s 500-Yard Drive [video]

Louis Oosthuizen hit an absolute mammoth drive at the Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea in 2013. Playing on the 583-yard par-5 first at Blackstone Golf Club, the South African really let it rip. However, he didn’t achieve this amazing feat without a little help. In the video on the following page, you’ll see him push his drive pretty far right. But with a bit of luck, the ball found its way onto the road running parallel to the hole and continued to roll down for quite some time.

The ball slowed down to a snail’s pace for a while, and looked like it could stop at any moment. However, the ball managed to regain some momentum, and rolled up to almost level with the green. You can see the looks of surprise on the spectators’ faces as the ball rolls further and further away from the tee. Some of them, watching the match playing further up the hole, are completely oblivious to the ball rolling past them.

This really was an epic shot. Continue to the next page to watch the epic video.

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