Lydia Ko just keeps racking up world records

Lydia Ko is just 18-years-old and has already made a serious mark in the global golf scene. With outstanding talent at such a young age, Ko keeps on breaking new boundaries as she continually sets new world records.

If you’re wondering who’s the youngest player to achieve something in golf, the chances are it was Ko. Here’s a list of the milestones the young LPGA star has achieved so far:

Youngest golfer to reach world No. 1 ranking

Youngest golfer to win a major championship

Youngest golfer to win an LPGA Tour competition.

Youngest golfer to win Player of the Year on a major tour

Youngest golfer to win the LPGA’s Road to the CME Globe. She’s already claimed this $1 million bonus twice.

Youngest golfer to win five professional events

Youngest golfer to win 10 professional events

Youngest golfer to win five times in a single season

Youngest golfer to do a DR. Evil impression after winning “one MILLION dollars.”

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