Making Downhill Putts Easier [video]

When left with short downhill putts, we often ask ourselves the question: How on Earth do I hit the ball soft enough.

We’ve heard some people advise that you should hit the ball off the toe of the putter, reducing impact transferred to the ball. But this can cause the face to open, sending the ball off-line. Others advocate gripping an inch or two down the grip to shorten the club, but that alters your setup and feel, and that’s the last thing you need when a putt is stressing you out.

There are two elements to the most effective method for handling short, downhill putts.

  1. Use an extra-light grip
  2. Make a slow-motions stroke

When I refer to an extra-light grip, I mean so light it’s almost falling out of your hands. This will deaden the hit, reducing the distance the ball will roll. Gripping and re-gripping can help you at address by making sure you’re not tightening up.

When stroking the ball, your club motion should feel slow back, slow through. You only need to hit the ball a couple of feet. Don’t neglect the line while focusing on this slow stroke, though. The line is important, and you must commit to the line you take.

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