Mini Masters – They Don’t Get Much Crazier than This [video]

In the video on the following page, we see what is dubbed the ‘Mini Masters’, a mini golf competition at Augusta. When the video begins, it’s difficult to know what to make of it. Keep watching; it becomes apparent before long.

Firstly, we see Angel Cabrera playing his ball around a Hot Wheels-style loop, sending the ball curving into the hole.



On the next hole, players must putt up a bridge, over some water and down into the hole.



The third hole requires players to putt their ball up a ramp into a temple, which the bounces down the stairs towards the hole.

Cr azy golf


This next one is straight out of Mario. The players must putt into one of the three colored tubes, hoping that it will send their ball onto the green.



The last hole involves a windmill, and players must time their putt perfectly to ensure they avoid the rotating blades.



Watch the video on the following page.

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