One Simple Tip for Perfect Bunker Shot Alignment [video]

Bunker shots are a part of the game which plague the majority of us. It’s only after spending years on a golf course do we start to become consistent.

When playing these shots, most golfers have enough trouble getting the distance right that they don’t think about the direction. However, if you ever need to get up and down from the sand, you should really give this some thought. In the video on the following page, a PGA professional gives some simple, yet useful, advice for lining up your bunker shots effectively.

Place your ball in a bunker. Using your club’s shaft, draw a line going directly through the ball, aiming directly at the hole. Leave a bit of untouched sand around the ball itself (a couple of inches will do).

Then, draw another line parallel to the one you have just drawn, on the side from which you’ll stand to play the shot.

All you have to do now is draw a perpendicular line from the ball, crossing the two others.

As demonstrated on the following page, you should then line yourself up to the ball, and address it with your club. Open your wedge’s face and rotate your stance slightly to compensate and keep the front edge of the clubface aiming directly at the pin.

It makes a lot more sense when you watch it. Continue to the following page.

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