PGA Tour event moving from Trump Doral to Mexico City

Donald Trump, the resort’s owner, discussed the PGA Tour’s decision in an interview on Fox News on Tuesday night, prompting the Tour to make an official announcement the following day.

“I just heard that the PGA Tour is taking their tournament out of Miami and moving it to Mexico,” Trump said. “It’s at Doral … they used one of my places. They’re moving their tournament; it’s the Cadillac World Golf Championship. And Cadillac’s been a great sponsor, but they’re moving it to Mexico.

“They’re moving it to Mexico City, which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance,” Trump added, perhaps alluding to Mexico’s reported battle against a nationwide surge in abductions in recent years.

Cadillac did not renew its sponsorship deal with the World Golf Championship event, and the PGA Tour’s search for a replacement sponsor is ongoing.

In 2013, the PGA Tour signed a 10-year contract with Trump National Doral. However, the deal was contingent upon sponsorship, and Cadillac’s recent withdrawal from the deal called the tournament’s future into question.




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