The Secret to Playing Bump-and-Run Shots [video]

Bump-and-run shots are a highly useful tool to have when you’re around the green. They provide a useful way of chipping over the edge of the rough while still keeping the ball as close to grounded as possible. In some situations, a standard chip would be more appropriate. However, if you’ve got some relatively flat land between you and the hole, bump-and-run shots really minimize the room for error.

The first thing you should do is analyze the shape of the green, just like when putting, to identify the contours that will influence the ball’s roll. Once you are fairly confident of a good line, pick a club which will bring the ball down at the right spot on the green, allowing it to roll up to the pin.

For shorter chips, a sand wedge or pitching wedge are often your best option, as they will minimize the ball’s pace. When you need the ball to roll a longer distance, an 8 or 9-iron may be more suitable, encouraging the ball to keep moving after it lands on the green. For some shots, a 7-iron may even be most appropriate.

Watch Jim Furyk show us how it’s done on the following page.

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