Richard Green Makes Albatross on Par 4 [video]

Australian golfer Richard Green sunk a hole-in-one albatross on a par 4 last week at the 13th at Beach Golf Links ahead of the Oates Vic Open.

Upon approaching the tee, the 43-year old noticed that the box had been moved forward. He ambitiously decided to take out his driver, with the likely hope of hitting the green and leaving himself an eagle putt.

Things didn’t look too good when he pulled his drive, sending it towards the left green-side bunker. However, the ball took a big kick before rolling around the lip of the bunker and popping out onto the green! The ball had a fair amount of pace as is hurtled towards the pin, and much to the surprise of the spectators, it smacked off the pin and dropped into the hole.

You really cannot make this stuff up.

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