Rory McIlroy’s Crossbar Challenge [VIDEO]

It seems as though Rory McIlroy loves getting involved with the various extra-curricular golf challenges that take place over the course of the year. Or maybe it’s just that brands will pay so much to have him feature in their event that he just cannot refuse.

You might remember us covering other stories of this ilk in the past. Rory vs. the Robot was a personal favorite, and well worth checking out.

This time, Rory is battling against a soccer goal’s crossbar. Well, not against it, but you get what I mean. Positioned 200 yards away from his target, Rory McIlroy is trying to punch a 2-iron to collide with the crossbar in the distance.

It takes him a good few shots before he starts getting close to the target. Before long, every shot he plays is skimming past the post or the crossbar. After hitting the posts a few times, he finally manages to nail the crossbar.

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