Setting Up for Success in the Sand [Video]

Developing consistency with your bunker shots is something that many golfers have problems with. There are various different theories going about on how to hit a successful bunker shot, but they still plague a lot of us.

When hitting this type of shot, some of the most important techniques to consider are that you must play the sand before the ball, you must confidently swing through the ball, and you must open your stance to give your ball the best chance of getting up and away from the bunker.

In the video on the following page, golf coach Sean Foley shares some useful insight on approaching the ball in the bunker. He draws attention to the fact that many golfers open the face of their wedge, promoting loft, but forget to compensate for this with their stance.

Naturally, when you open the face of your club, the ball is going to head to the right of where you are aiming (to the left for left-handers). Without addressing this issue, you are unlikely to get your ball to finish near to the hole, and could well miss the green altogether.

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