Sharpen Your Chipping Technique [video]

chipping technique

Chip shots are a delicate part of the game and consequentially cause many problems for some golfers. If you find that you are not making the best connection with chip shots – either you’re hitting the ground before the ball or thinning it – check out the useful advice below.

  1. Lean to the target – Position your feet with a narrow stance, and rotate your feet slightly towards the target. When you position yourself over the ball, lean your chest and hands slightly towards the target, somewhat closing the face of the club.
  2. Allow your wrists to hinge – Although you want to keep wrist-cocking to a minimum, it helps to allow it to happen slightly during chips. This helps you to accelerate through the ball while leading with your hands.
  3. Pivot your body forward – Even with small shots, it is essential that your body pivots towards the target, even after impact. You can improve on this by practising chipping with your right hand only.
  4. Focus on impact – Swing smoothly and confidently, keeping your eye on the ball to ensure a solid connection. Once you are getting consistently solid impact, focus on the target.

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