Shave Off Those Extra Strokes with More One-Putts


Putting is a part of the game which really has a substantial impact on your score. If you’re not leaving your first putt within an easy finishing distance, the three putts will ruin your game. If you feel that your putting is letting you down, try out these simple tips. A little bit of practice can go a really long way!

Five in a row

If you have a good perception of distance, you should find yourself with a lot of short second putts. And if you become confident that you can sink everything that’s under five foot, you should be able to make a real difference to your game!

Head to the putting green, take five balls and place them randomly around a hole, at distances of anything between three and five foot. Then, set yourself the challenge of putting each one consecutively, without missing. This might be a little frustrating at first, and it could take you quite a while to master it. But when you do start to get a level of consistency, you’ll know that this will shave valuable strokes of your score. Do you think the pros got to where they are without running these drills?

Once you start to see an improvement in your short putts, trying increasing the length to between five and seven foot, and your accuracy will continue to improve.

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