Sneaky fox steals driver head cover [video]

It’s always fun when you encounter wild animals on the golf course. Depending on where you play, these might be deer, birds, alligators, bears or even iguanas. It’s always fun to watch how they interact with golfers and their equipment.

Last month, a couple of amateurs recorded footage of a young fox that seemed to be looking for nothing more than some playful fun. The golfers are on a tee box, about to hit drives, when the cunny fox sneaked up and grabbed a driver cover off the ground.

The fox quickly grabs the cover in its mouth and darted in the opposite direction. It seemed to panic when the guy chased after it, and dropped the cover on the ground.

After retrieving the head cover, the man drops it on the ground, and it’s immediately obvious that the fox isn’t finished playing. He runs up and grabs it again, intentionally provoking another chase.

After gathering the head cover again, the fox steals it a third time!

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