The Basics of Putting [video]

Putting can be a pretty frustrating element of the game for new players. Beginners will manage to get the ball up the length of the hole in some way or another, but actually getting it inside a 4.5” hole is another story.

Shots on the green take up around 40-45% of your total number of shots, and that proportion could be even higher for newbies. Here are eight useful tips to help you grasp the basics of putting.

1.      Start close to the hole

Don’t start out by trying to sink a 30-footer; that’s only going to get you feeling frustrated. Instead, start by placing a handful of balls within a few feet of the pin, and practice these until you feel confident.

2.      Work your way out

As you start to sink more and more of these short putts, you’ll be ready to move onto something a little longer. Move gradually further away from the hole, becoming consistent at each stage before moving further back.

3.      Keep feet parallel to putting line

When you’re lining up your putt, remember that your feet should be facing parallel to the hole. If you aim your body directly at the hole, your ball will end up a foot or two to the side of the target.

4.      Keep putter in line with hole

When you’re swinging back and through the ball, you putter head should be perfectly aligned with the target at all times. Any unnecessary angles will send the ball off course.

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