The 5 Best Backyard Golf Holes

If you’ve every imagined what your dream house would look like, the chances are it would include somewhere to play golf. Being able to practice every single day is not only good for your game, but it’s a ideal optimal way of life.

Check out some of the best backyard golf holes we’ve come across.


1.   This mansion up for grabs in British Columbia, Canada, comes with a practice area with a bunker and multi-tiered green. The view isn’t a bad sight either.




2.   Phil Mickelson’s has kept his short game on point over the years with hours of practice at his Rancho Santa Fe home. The house hit the market in 2012, and owning it will set you back $7.095 million.




3.   This stunning private hole is located in Bend, Oregon.





4.   Located just a mile from the infamous Cypress Point Club, this Pebble Beach home has a spectacular view of the Pacific.





5.   This stunning backyard practice area is located at the home of Matt Keller in Scottsdale, Arizona.




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