The Bryan Bros Callaway Office Challenge

The Byran Bros are back doing exactly what they do best – hitting awesome trick shots while kitted out with the latest Callaway golf gear. This time the challenge takes place in the Callaway offices, and it involves a basketball hoop, a squishy ball and a MD3 milled wedge.

We’ve covered some of the previous videos put together by the Bryan Bros. They always impress. Check out the one featuring Rory McIlroy is you haven’t already.

The first shot is the Hall of Fame shot. This involves playing the ball from the upper level of the office, against a large Hall of Fame banner, and into a basketball hoop. They manage to get a basket on the first attempt (I wonder how often that happens?)

Next up, it’s the 3-pointer, which takes place in the warehouse. Teeing off a good distance away from the hoop, one of the boys must hit a hard wedge to bounce off the wall and into the ring. The ball goes straight through the hoop, and gets caught up in the net. Mission successful.

The bank shot requires one of the guys to play a pitch into a basketball hoop which is facing the opposite direction. The trick here is to play the ball off the wall, bouncing it into the hoop.

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