The Correct Way to Repair Divots

Do you ever find yourself damaging the tee box, fairway or green during a game of golf? Don’t be embarrassed if you do; this is something that happens to all of us, even the very best players on the tour!

When swinging a metallic club face to play a tiny ball off the soft ground, it’s inevitable that you will take some grass with you from time to time. Taking a small divot can even be considered to be an element of a technically perfect shot.

When your shot results in a divot being made, the rules of golf state that you must repair it. This allows player after player to take divots without damaging the course beyond playability. If you need some advice about repairing divots, and when you need to do it, check out the guide below.

Tee Box Divots

Divots should not be as common on the tee box as players can use a tee to lift up the ball, but they still happen nonetheless. The majority of tee boxes will come with a sandbox, provided to help you when repairing a divot. These sandboxes usually contain a mixture of grass and sand, allowing the damaged tee box to repair itself.

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