The Secret to Escaping a Plugged Bunker Lie [video]

Plugged bunker shots are something which plagues all of us, particularly those who live in damper climates. You play what looks like a perfect pitching wedge or sand wedge, only to find that it came up 10 feet short of the green and dug itself an inch into the sand.

When playing these shots, many players focus too much on forcing the front blade of the club under the ball. On the following page, professional golfer and model Blair O’Neal tells you why this is a bad thing. Instead of trying the gouge the ball out, focus on getting a good amount of bounce when you play the ball. When you’re setting up, position yourself a little further away from the ball, and lower the handle of the club. These two tweaks will encourage a bigger bounce when your club hits the sand.

Watch the beautiful Blair O’Neal showing how it’s done on the following page.

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