The Secret to Hitting Less-Than-Full Wedge Shots [video]

Succeeding on the PGA Tour means being able to play clean, lofty shots onto the green which dance with the pin. It means being able to give yourself a good chance for a one-putt, and make three-putts a rarity.

We’ve got some useful tips that can help you be more effective around the green. Integrate them into your technique and your wedges will become a scoring weapon.

The first thing you should consider is the distance. Take control of your shots with a shorter backswing. Get your arms and body in sync, and start the downwards movement with a lateral shift, without unwinding your backswing turn.

Finally, push your club against the ground and rotate your position so that your right shoulder, hip and knee all ‘cover’ the ball at impact.

You want a shallow strike and forward-leaning shaft to make pitch shots like the tour pros.

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