This Is the Best Swing on Tour

We regularly hear claims of who’s the best player on the PGA Tour in various categories. Jordan Spieth as the game’s best clutch putter and Phil Mickelson as the short-game master are two examples. What do the statistics say, though?

A study was commissioned by Golf Digest which sought to rank players in various categories by calculating combinations of tour stats over the last two seasons. Taking putting as an example, a four-stat formula was created going back to the beginning 2014. The idea was to produce a statistically backed answer to who ranks highest in eight key skill areas.

Some of the results might surprise you. Most of us think of Jason Day for his performance off the tee. However, the Australian ranks No. 1 for recovering from trouble, as demonstrated by his recent clutch iron shots and bunker up-and-downs.

But who has the best swing on Tour?

WINNER: Adam Scott

The best place to find yourself at a PGA Tour event might be at the practice tee, watching Adam Scott hit smooth shots one after another. With the complete modern, athletic swing, Scott uses his legs as support better than most other players.

Watch Adam Scott’s perfect swing on the following page.

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