This kid’s swing is better than yours [VIDEO]

When trying to drill that smooth, effortless swing into my head, I sometimes picture the swing of Ernie Els. The South African really mastered the art of a consistent, synchronized sweep.  Whether it’s from the tee or approaching from 100 yards, it’s difficult to find a sweeter-looking swing.

If you’re one of the amateurs who exerts too much power when hitting the ball, watch his swing in slow-motion further down this page.

First, though, check out the video below. The clip comes from a Chilean golf teacher, who posted the swing of one of his two-year-old pupils. The kid’s got crazy potential.

Watch it below.

The one-piece takeaway, keeping his head over the ball, the follow through, and eyeballing the camera. It’s amazing to watch. A better swing of a 2-year-old has still to be found.

Watch the Big Easy swinging in slow motion below.




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