Tiger Woods bounces back with 68 on Sunday

Woods sliced his ball into the water off the 12th tee. He somewhat recovered after taking a drop, hitting a 5-wood onto the green and two-putting for bogey. He had dropped to 8-under, but things could have been a lot worse.

For the rest of the round, Tiger made par on all except a bogey on No. 14 and a birdie on No. 17, finishing up 8-under for the weekend. Things are looking a bit more promising for Woods, although it’s clear that his problems are not gone yet.

The positives outweighed the negatives for Tiger this weekend, and that’s something we’ve only been able to say two other times this season: the Masters and at Greenbrier. After the round, Tiger told how he felt his whole game was starting to come back together.

“My short game is starting to come back to where it used to be,” Woods said. “Everything is kind of trending in the correct direction now.”

This article was written by Christian Abbas, exclusively for ilovegolfdaily.com

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